ATTENTION:  For Those Passionate Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agents 
who are serious about
Finally Taking your online Marketing to the next level...

Helping Coldwell Banker Agents
Attract Their Dream Clients
Apply Now - If you're accepted, my team and I will build your marketing systems for you. 
And I will personally show you how to leverage my systems to give you an immediate boost, ...get ready - so you can double your volume and income in the next 12 months
(and get freedom back in your life).

Here's What You're Gonna Get

IF You're Accepted as a Client In Our
Niche Marketing Done For You Program:

Niche Marketing Core
"Done For You" 12 Months

Called the “Real Estate Agent Niche Marketing Program”, Chris’s team will build your marketing Systems for you. It’s hard to know what to do, and how to set-up the right platforms, tools and systems for all your technical back-end... SO CHRIS IS GIVING YOU HIS TEAM to Do It For You! 

Real Estate System Secrets Niche Marketing gets you cranking with Chris’ famous systems and processes. You will identify your Dream Client, your Target Market Areas and your Interests and Passions (with Chris and the team). 
Your custom LEADGEN Funnel and Monthly Market Report are the core building blocks for generating quality leads in Your Target Areas with Your Dream Clients. We build, create, and publish all of this for you and the content strategy we implement demonstrates you are an expert 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Stop wasting time trying to learn all the ins and outs of everything. Welcome to simplicity, freedom and a steady flow of new clients!

Onboarding Strategy Call

We go to work to create a market analysis for you to make sure you are targeting the right areas and communities based on your goals. 

Getting this right is the foundation for your entire business model - and is the basis for everything we build, create, and publish for you. 

We then get on a strategy call where we dive deep and finalize your target markets and dream client - this is vital to everything you are doing in your marketing and your business. 

The 9 Integrated Niche Marketing Secrets

The 9 Core Integrated Niche Marketing Secrets
 to Ensure Your Success

Real Estate System Secrets: We provide proven niche marketing services via people, processes, platforms and tools. We designed these systems to help YOU – the experienced residential real estate agents to attract and convert your dream clients and build a sustainable real estate business into the future.

It is key to complement both online and offline strategies to build an integrated marketing system that will generate, convert and deliver dream clients.
The individual components have great value to the real estate agent, but the magic is the integration of the systems. 

The sum of the Niche Marketing System includes the core systems. The integration of these systems, platforms and tools will enable you to attract and convert your target demographic into dream clients. So you can build a sustainable real estate agent business into the future.

Your Custom Market Report

Your custom Market Report is the core building block for generating quality leads in Your Target Areas with Your Dream Clients. Your Market Report demonstrates you are an expert 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We take your Target Markets and build a custom Market Report for you, and we do this for you every single month of the year.

Lead Gen Website

If you don’t have a professional website that you own, control, and that consistently generates leads that you can capture, then you do not have a sustainable business. What You Want Your Website to Do for You: Attract, Educate, Entertain, Engage, Capture, Convert, Retarget and Nurture. We build you a website that is optimized to make you stand-out, be the Expert in your market, Attract your Dream Clients, and capture them (that is the most important Lead Gen part).

Lead Magnet Funnels

Lead magnet funnels are the cutting-edge way to capture leads and get them on a list you own and convert. Your lead generation engine includes two integrated Landing Pages with proven copywriting, messaging, call to action and offer that gives your dream clients what they want - value.

Auto Responder Messaging

Leads are the lifeblood of your businesses and the Autoresponder Messaging Systems are the heartbeat. Immediately and automatically delivering your premium content, following-up, re-targeting, and nurturing prospective clients who become Buyer/Seller dream clients.

Weekly Blog Posting

Experts are Authors and Authors are Experts. Your consistent niche Blog makes you an Authority in your niche market. We repurpose your premium market report content to your Blog, and give you templates and content ideas and step-by-step training so you can deliver value to your dream clients. Your platform builds trust with your target audience – your dream clients.

Social Media Posting

Ready to finally stop wasting time on Social Media - and instead use it as a marketing business tool. Systematic posting of premium content will align and connect you with your dream clients. Integration with on platform conversion and retargeting tools and systems, and other core systems is key to building your list, and generate quality leads. We repurpose your premium market report content to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We give you templates and content ideas and step-by-step training so you can post engaging content on your Social Media as well to connect and align with your dream clients, with the goal to drive traffic back to your lead gen website and capture your dream clients.

Monthly Newsletter

Consistent Email marketing is the secret weapon of all successful digital marketing strategies. Your monthly email newsletter will help you to cultivate your list, and is a core fundamental building block to your long-term success. Your newsletter includes your market report, blog content, testimonials, and the call to action to get them to convert from a lead to a dream client

Video Platform & Training

Video continues to be one of the most effective platforms in a digital marketing strategy and has higher conversion rates than any other content. Video is a tool to tell a story, provide valuable information and leave a lasting impression. Utilizing video with the luminaries in your community increases your status and helps build your dream client list.

Access to the Private Members Area

This private, members-only group is where you get training on how to leverage everything we are doing online for you - offline in your community. It's a place to bring your questions and get direct help from colleagues and experts. Collaborate with other Real Estate System Secrets Niche Marketing clients, attend the live calls, and celebrate your progress and sales.

Meet Your DONE FOR YOU Team Leaders

Chris Kopf

Top Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent, Speaker, Author, Coach
Chris Kopf is an active agent and among the top 1% of 73,000+ Coldwell Banker agents in North America. In addition, he is also a speaker, author, coach, and the creator of Real Estate System Secrets to help teach other real estate agents how to attract affluent clients, leverage technology, and build a sustainable business. A proud husband and father to three daughters (and very patient). Chris' passion is fly fishing, he is a pretty good golfer and skier, a very average mountain biker, and loves to travel to warm tropical beach places and SCUBA dive with wife Francene.

Shelby Kopf

Chief Everything Officer, Accountability Coach
Shelby is Chris Kopf’s daughter, and he lured her away from a successful career at Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine to help grow Real Estate System Secrets, and serve as the Accountability Coach for real estate agents to ensure their success. Shelby is passionate about digital marketing and loves skiing, camping, and traveling. She is located in Seattle, WA and loves the outdoors!

Brittany Deel​

Operations, Platforms, Onboarding, Market Report Specialist​
Brittany handles everything from operations and platforms to agent onboarding. Brittany will be coordinating with you to get your Market Report Created, Published and Repurposed every month so you stand-out and shine!

Brittany was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She loves to travel and currently lives in California with her husband, son, and two dogs. Before joining the team Brittany worked for Keller Williams where she was an agent services coordinator and tech trainer, leading classes of up to 200 students at a time.

David Gul​

Programmer - Market Report Generator Software​
David has developed a wide range of programs for hundreds of clients, including individuals as well as Fortune 500 companies.

His core competency lies in developing automated solutions and programs (from the ground up or building on existing bases) which are intuitive to use and user friendly, yet very powerful.

Here's What Our Customers, Brokers 
and Industry Experts Think About Us

Chris Mygatt - President Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Colorado

"Chris Kopf is a rising star within Coldwell Banker - among the top 1% of the 73,000 Coldwell Banker agents worldwide. 

If you are serious about taking your real estate business to the next level, and you want to become the top agent in your market, I encourage you to take action and follow Chris' advice." 

Dennis Saffell - Managing Broker/Owner
of 13 Coldwell Banker Offices

"Chris went from nothing to owning the market with 7% market share... We brought Chris in to present to about 20 of our brokers, including 3 of our top producers...the information Chris provided is valuable and the brokers can implement immediately. 

Chris' style of teaching is so much different than what you see normally, which is motivational or kind of tricky things to do. Chris' style is meat and potatoes. It's stuff that you can do today, tomorrow. You can do bits and pieces of it. You can do it all, but it all works and it's stuff you can implement right now."

Todd Moir - Marketing Director, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Colorado

We just had Chris Kopf talk today to our Global Luxury agents, about 200 of our top agents in Colorado. He just crushed it. He was off the charts amazing. He did amazing and it was super fun to have him a lot of energy. 

Chris Kopf is one of our top agents and a very good friend of mine I have enjoyed over the years. Chris does amazing community videos in his market with local business owners, chamber and visitor centers, local events, non-profits, and the list goes on… Chris uses these videos in his eNewsletters, blogs, social media, websites, etc.

Lori Delaney

"You don't have to do cold calling.  There is a new way. I love the lifestyle video. It's not about just pounding the phones, which no realtor really wants to do. 

It's about really becoming the expert in your field and your market and developing the relationships and the trust of those that you come in with. 

I am focusing on my most favorite three clients, who they are, and why... and then I'm going to write my marketing plan around attracting clients like that. "  

John Grandt

"Because of the monthly market report using Chris Kopf's template, I earned a luxury listing that I would not have otherwise had. 
Even better, the home set a sales record for the neighborhood. If you're thinking about this program, I highly recommend you try it. 

The tools will help you build a much needed online presence, allowing you to create consistent business and take your business to the next level." 

Craig Duswalt - Rock Star Marketing

"Chris Kopf, is a top real estate agent in his area and he is amazing, he has great content and he's a great coach and he just has so much knowledge in the real estate world. 

He's written two books, how to buy and how to sell real estate and he's also has the Chris Kopf Real Estate System for Success teaching you how to become a top agent in your area. 

If you want to become a top agent in your market, hook up with Chris Kopf. He's amazing."

Lisa Allen

“It's been Phenomenal and It's been the missing piece that I needed – a really systematic approach…

I have not really understood my market, and how to manage my efforts… Chris has showed me how to manage my target marketing focus.

I'm 61 and managing all the social media and blogging with a consistent strategy has been pretty foreign to me. 

Chris was really able to bring it home, not only how to manage it but help me understand how to reach the people who I want to reach (dream clients) rather than feeling like i've got to be out there for everyone. So that has been huge!" 

Elisabeth Nelson

"This program is perfect for me! I’ve taken many classes on marketing and social media, made numerous lists of blog post ideas, but never attempted a market report or blog. I was just too nervous and didn’t want to mess up, and this program takes such a load off my shoulders. 

One of the things i've noticed is how much more engagement I'm getting online and in my community. People are reaching out to me asking questions and starting conversations. I was at the gym the other day and a lady recognized me and said "Hey you're Elisabeth Nelson! I was just reading your coffee shop blog post this morning!", it was so funny and as we were talking she mentioned she's looking for a home in a certain area, and we are now actually sitting down for a coffee meeting next week!

I also absolutely love the personalized blogs and market reports that the program has posted for me, and my new website is so professional! If you have any questions about this program, please reach out-it is fantastic! "  

Tate Santee

"I really liked that Chris gave me practical advice for me. Things that I could do instead of the typical go cold call, or go knock on doors in the neighborhood, or go do door hangers.

Chris really showed me some tactics and tools that I could use to attract the clients that I want to work with - that are my dream clients."  

Robert Schilling

"In the Done For You Program, Chris and his team are setting everything up for my online presence, and really carrying me through this process. It is truly all encompassing and “done for me”, but it’s even more than that. It’s a partnership and like having my own marketing department catered to me, which is more significant. 

Only a couple months in, I’ve had great response from my list of people receiving my market report and newsletter as well. A huge value I’m getting out of this is not only the positive response that will turn to leads, but actually helping with my confidence going after listings because I feel more valuable as an agent. 

The market report helps me to learn about the market even more by furthering my knowledge, not only portraying me as an expert, but feeling more like the expert that I am in my market."
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