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Integrated Niche Marketing Program 
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If you're accepted, I will personally show you how to become a top real estate agent and I will build your marketing systems for you so you can double your volume and income in the next 12 months.

We provide proven niche marketing services via people, processes, platforms and tools to help YOU – the experienced residential real estate agents to attract and convert your dream clients and build a sustainable real estate business into the future.

We are currently in "Beta Phase II" with a number of Real Estate Agents and are building this program so that it is game changing, and bulletproof for you. 

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The Real Estate Agent’s Challenge:

All businesses need marketing to help them consistently generate new clients. The majority of seasoned real estate agents struggle to leverage current technology to market themselves and consistently generate new clients.
NAR Stats show us that 90%+ of Buyers and Sellers are looking on-line prior to Buying or Selling, and that the Majority (over 70%) of Real Estate Agents do not leverage current technology, a website and social media effectively to generate leads.
Technology is changing how we live, shop, communicate, and market. Everyone has a computer and an iPhone or an Android smartphone with internet access. Like it or not – Everyone is on-line all day every day. We are witnessing a rapid change and decline in the print media industry, shopping malls, movie theaters and the advent of streaming TV over the internet. Our cars are connected, our smart homes are connected, our social networks are connected, it is changing rapidly, and is not going away.
Problem or opportunity? Most real estate agents are frozen.
The agents who view this as a problem are either so successful that their word-of-mouth reputation shields them (for now) from a declining market share – or they are experiencing declining market share. There are many successful agents who have experience and tenure who see changing technology as an opportunity – but are unsure how to capitalize on the this.
Real Estate Agents are busy doing real estate stuff, and then on to the next transaction… Business planning and marketing are typically on the list – just don’t make it to the top of the list. Most agents do not understand who they want to do business with (Dream Client), are not serving a niche Target Market, do not differentiate themselves with their unique Interests and Passions, and lack the time, knowledge and skills to execute a consistent Marketing plan to build a consistent future business.

“I don’t have the knowledge and skills to do what you do…and even if I could learn it - I don’t have the time to do it... ”

- Real Estate Agent comment to Chris Kopf

This was the genesis of our thinking to create a “done for you” Real Estate Agent Marketing Program modeled from the successful systems and cutting edge technology that Chris Kopf is using in his business to attract his Dream Clients and be among the Top 1% of the 70,000+ Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agents in North America.

Let me back up

Most experienced real estate agents are competent in their ability to create and build personal relationships and networks that result in clients and referrals. However, most experienced real estate agents lack the knowledge, time, effort, and skills to effectively execute a consistent digital marketing plan. It is key to compliment both online and offline strategies to build an integrated marketing system that will generate, convert and deliver dream clients.
The individual components have great value to the real estate agent, but the magic is the integration of the systems. 

Knowing What to Do and How to Do It is the Key to Mastery
We see agents attempt to piecemeal their marketing efforts. They spend time, and money advertising or publishing without putting the fundamentals in place. Wasting thousands of dollars and frustrating time and effort with little to show for it. Crappy leads that don’t convert, or convert to create crappy clients. 
  “The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts.”
          - Aristotle
Believe me I speak from experience and have done everything wrong many times. I was lost before I learned so many valuable lessons, and why I needed to modify my skills and methods. Early on I hired a virtual assistant company, and they fired me because I could not give them a S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure) to accomplish the tasks I wanted them to do. 
It took me ten years to properly document my processes so I could outsource my systems so I could free up my time to do a better job of building one-on-one relationships with my clients and prospective clients. 

I spent years doing administrative tasks instead of having time left over to be able to spend with my family, and friends. I have literally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of trial and error going down rabbit holes to learn the systems that work - the systems that I use in my business every day. The same systems we are now helping other real estate agents with.

If you would like to get on the waiting list for when we launch this program, enter your email and click the button below!

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