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Chris Kopf has Consistently Ranked Among the Top 1% of the 70,000+ Coldwell Banker Agents in North America for over 8 Years. As a solo agent he hit $42M in Volume during the 2020 Pandemic (living in a very small market).
His Revolutionary Systems Are The Future of Real Estate Agent Marketing

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From: Chris Kopf, Crested Butte, CO

My name is Chris Kopf, and I live and do business as a full time real estate agent in a tiny town called Crested Butte that you've probably never heard of.

Yet I've also consistently Ranked Among the Top 1% of Real Estate Agents in North America for nearly 10 years! 

As a solo agent, I did $42M in volume in the 2020 pandemic year and my market was literally closed to the public for 90 days. I finished #6 In Colorado, #108 in North American, and among the Elite Coldwell Banker Agents in the World within the top 376 out of 90,000 agents (do the math that is the top 1/10th of 1% of all the agents...). I tell you this to be transparent and give you the confidence to know that "my systems work!"

Which is kind of crazy, so I'm on a mission to help other agents have the same success and I'm giving away all my secrets in this book! 

In this book you will Learn Proven Systems to Help You Finally Leverage Technology, The Internet, & Social Media as Business Tools to Generate Consistent Flow of Your Dream Clients. 

I have spent years attending digital marketing conferences, mastermind groups, I have marketing coaches, and through trial and error in my real estate agent business I have figured out what does not work - but more importantly what DOES WORK to Attract the Dream Clients I want to work with. 

My Revolutionary Systems Are The Future of Real Estate Agent Marketing.

"If You Can't Consistently ATTRACT Your Dream Clients,
Then Nothing Else Matters."
- Chris Kopf

You'll Learn New Systems & Secrets Including How To:
  • Generate Leads and Attract New Affluent Clients Who Want to Work with You 
  • Clearly Define WHO your Dream Client is so you can Align with them • Learn WHERE to focus and become The Specialist
  • Learn a Proven Niche Marketing Framework - Online and Offline Systems
  • ​Be a Trusted and Competent Real Estate Agent • Become an Expert in Your Real Estate Market
  • ​Serve Your Clients and Close More Real Estate Transactions

• Put Technology to Work for You to Build Your Brand
  • ​Prioritize Your Time and Get More Done
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Here’s What People Are Saying:

Chris Mygatt, President Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Colorado

"If you are serious about taking your real estate business to the next level, and you want to become the top agent in your market, I encourage you to take action and follow Chris’ advice.”

Lisa Allen, Sarasota Real Estate Agent

It’s been Phenomenal and It’s been the missing piece that I needed – a really systematic approach…especially as a 61 year old. Chris was really able to bring it home, not only how to manage my marketing in my business but help me understand how to reach the people who I want to reach (dream clients) rather than feeling like i’ve got to be out there for everyone. So that has been huge!” 

Todd Moir - Marketing Director, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Colorado

We just had Chris Kopf talk today to our Global Luxury agents, about 200 of our top agents in Colorado. He just crushed it. He was off the charts amazing. He did amazing and it was super fun to have him a lot of energy. 

Chris Kopf is one of our top agents and a very good friend of mine I have enjoyed over the years. Chris does amazing community videos in his market with local business owners, chamber and visitor centers, local events, non-profits, and the list goes on… Chris uses these videos in his eNewsletters, blogs, social media, websites, etc.

Inside Of This NEW Book... Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover For FREE!

Inside of Digital Niche Marketing Systems for Real Estate Agents I will be sharing with you 33 secrets to help you get more of Your Dream Clients to Contact YOU!  

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover inside your free book:

  •  How can you consistently generate quality leads, and get time back to spend with family and friends?
  • ​Why is your current lead gen strategy a waste of your time, effort and money!?
  • ​You only have 10 years left – how do you start transforming your business and your life?
  • ​ How to finally leverage the internet to significantly increase your income?
  • ​ Why You can stop asking “What” to do? (and start Doing it!)
  • ​ What are the 8 core components of your digital marketing strategy you must have in place?
  • ​ How to start using Facebook effectively without embarrassing yourself?
  • ​ How can you predict your future success by building “your list”?
  • ​ Which new technology strategies should you be using?
  • ​ Why social media is not a waste of time?
  • ​ Where will your next deal come from?
  • ​ What are the secrets to breaking into a new luxury market (and that gated community you’ve always wanted to do business in)?
  • ​ How to stop being an agent, and become a valued professional?
  • ​ How you can finally get more than “your fair share?”
  • ​ What are the simple steps to building a sustainable real estate agent business?
  • ​ How to live the dream so that you never feel like you’re working another day in your life?
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Chris Kopf
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